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Embark on a Journey Through History

This page is dedicated to the rich music history of the Lubbock Music Scene. Join us as we explore and dive into the unique and diverse music of our beloved city

Lubbock, Tx!!

Kenny Maines-Singer/songwriter:

"It was part of family activities: On Saturday or Sunday afternoons people would gather round for entertainment. You had to find something, and so it seemed like music was the easiest and most convenient. At one time there was actually an exhibit at the museum in Lubbock called 'Nothin’ Else to Do'."

Terry Allen-Singer/songwriter:

"The isolation and the geography and the weather and the starkness—all of these things play big roles. To this day, I love to see a flat horizon; there’s something that makes me take a deep breath. And then, in those days, I think it was just the fact that you were completely surrounded by this horizon, that any kind of thing could come over at any minute, like a tornado or a killer or whatever. But your eye always went to it, and your imagination always went to it, because that was kind of the secret door out."

Quotes taken from Texas Monthly Article "Gotta Lubbock", May 2000.

Please follow the link below to the documentary "Flat Land, Open Sky: A Lubbock Music Story" for an introduction to our fascinating history, produced in 2015 by Paul Hunton, Daniel Ballard, and Jonathan Seaborn with the Texas Tech Public Media.